FAQ about access2023-09-14T18:15:06+09:00

FAQ about access

FAQ about access

Frequently asked questions about access

How do I find out the location of the property to get there by car?2023-09-16T18:23:15+09:00

Please refer to each property’s page. The address and the map of the property is on the page.
Also the location can be found by searching on Google Map with the property name.

Is parking space available at the properties?2023-09-16T18:25:10+09:00

Parking space is available at all our properties, but please refer to each property’s page and check the number of cars that can be parked.

How do you get to the property if you use public tranport (train/bus) to Hakuba?2023-09-16T18:31:26+09:00

For customers that are not coming by car, we offer complementary pick up and drop off service from and to the Hakuba Train Station or the Happo Bus Terminal. (If you a coming from or going to a different place in Hakuba, please inquire.)
Just let us know
 – which bus or train you will be taking
 – the number of guests arriving at that time
 – the amount of luggage you have with you
and our staff will meet you to take you to the property for check-in. (Our staff will be wearing bright yellow jackets, and our car will have big paw marks.)

However, please note that this will be offered on a first-come first-served basis and we will need at least 72 hours notice. Also, this service is offered at check-in/check-out only, and it will be only one pick up/drop off per booking, plus we may have to do several runs per check-in depending on the number of guests and the amount of luggage you have.

Are there any direct transport from the airport to the property?2023-09-16T18:39:18+09:00

Yes, we recommed you the ”Chuo Taxi Airport Direct”. Please refer this page for the details of their service (from Haneda airport, it will be a shared van service, and from Narita airport, it will be a private charter). We are happy to arrange this service for you. Please let us know your flight information, number of passengers and the number of luggage to book this service.
Another option will be the “Nagano Snow Shuttle”. If the time meets well with your flight schedule, this will be a great option for you. Please refer to this page for the details of their service.
Otherwise, how about renting a car at the airport and driving to Hakuba? In that case, please make sure you book a 4WD car with snow tires.

What are the tansport options from Tokyo to Hakuba?2023-09-21T14:44:34+09:00

For transport options from Tokyo to Hakuba, please refer to this page.

What are the transport options from Kansai area (Osaka / Nagoya) to Hakuba?2023-09-21T14:44:04+09:00

For transport options from Kansai are (Osaka/Nagoya) to Hakuba, please refer to this page.

Can you get around Hakuba without a car?2023-10-26T17:52:59+09:00

In winter, it depends on which property you are staying at, but for most of our properties, there is a bus stop for the free ski shuttles in walking distance to get to ski resorts, and you also have easy access to the restaurants, bars and cafes (for the details for each property, please check the property page for more information). In addition, we offer pick up and drop off service from and to the train station/bus terminal in Hakuba at check-in/out as well as rides to the supermarkets for grocery shopping during your stay, so it is possible to get around in Hakuba without a car. We are also happy to help you arrange taxis but since Hakuba does not have abundant taxis, we recommend you to give us at least 24 hours notice.

However in summer, since there are no shuttles, we strongly recommend you to have a car for your stay.

If you want more flexibility in getting around in winter, a car rental is also recommended and we are happy to arrange one for you at the property.

For more details, please check this page.

Any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

TEL: +81 0261-85-0850

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