FAQ about the stay2023-09-14T20:29:52+09:00

FAQ about the stay

FAQ about the stay

Frequently asked questions about the stay

What time is check-in and check-out?2023-07-20T00:17:25+09:00


Can I check-in late at night?2023-07-20T00:39:29+09:00

Yes, we will be offering you a self check-in, but you can check-in to our properties at anytime.

Is early check-in available?2023-07-20T00:17:44+09:00

Please inquire for early check-ins. We may be able to offer you to check-in early after noon free of charge. For check-ins before noon, there is a charge of 5,000 yen, however it may not be available according to the booking situation.

Is late check-out available?2023-07-20T00:17:49+09:00

Please inquire for late check-outs. We may be able to offer you to check-out late until noon free of charge. For check-outs after noon, there is a charge of 5,000 yen, however it may not be available according to the booking situation.

How do I check-in?2023-09-14T18:30:03+09:00

Please refer to this page. For guests coming from overseas, in winter, we recommend you to be served with our assisted check-in offered in English/Japanese, so that we can offer you information about your stay in Hakuba. We offer complementary pick up service from the Hakuba Train Station or the Happo Bus Terminal. 

Is there WiFi (internet) at the property?2023-07-20T00:17:54+09:00

Yes, we offer free WiFi at all our properties. Please refer to the house manual at the house for the password.

Is smoking allowed inside the properties?2023-09-14T19:45:26+09:00

All our properties are none smoking houses. If you want to smoke, please smoke outside the house. If you smoke inside the house, it will effect our next guest staying at the house, so please note that you will be charged for an extra night. Please refrain from smoking inside the house.

Are towels provided?2023-07-20T00:18:02+09:00

We offer a towel set each (1 bath towel and 1 face towel) for the number of guests that can stay at the property.(For stays of less than 8 nights, we do not change towels, so please use the washing machine and detergents provided at the house. For stays of 8 nights or more, we offer a mid-cleaning service to change the towels and linens).
※If you need extra towels, please inquire.

Are amenities provided?2023-09-14T19:47:12+09:00

We offer the following amenities to our guests… disposable slippers, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap, laundry detergent, toilet paper, tissue paper, dish washing liquid (dishwasher powder for properties with a dish washer), kitchen paper, plastic wrap, coffee filter, kitchen towels, kitchen sponge, and garbage bags.

※Please note that tooth brushes are not provided. Also any edible items such as oil and seasonings are not provided either. Please check herefor the details of the add-on options that we offer.

Are baby beds and high chairs available at the properties?2023-09-14T19:48:10+09:00

Yes, we offer baby beds and high chairs (portable folded type ones) free of charge on availability. Please note that no linens and beddings are provided on the baby beds, and we need to ask you to bring your own. Also we only have several of each available, so if needed, please let us know as soon as you can.

Is cleaning service offered during the stay?2023-09-14T19:52:24+09:00

We come and collect your garbage regularly during your stay (please put the tied off bin liners in the container outside for our staff to collect during the day), however cleaning service is not offered. We ask our guest to use the vacuum machine provided at the house. Also for stays of less than 8 nights, we do not change towels and linens, so please use the washing machine and detergents provided at the house. For stays of 8 nights or more, we offer a mid-cleaning service to change the towels and linens and to refill the amenities.

Are there parking spaces available at the property?2023-07-20T00:24:59+09:00

There are car parking spaces at each property, but the number of cars that can be parked depends on the property. Please have a look at the details on the property pages for the number of available spaces at each property.

Can you get around Hakuba without a car?2023-10-26T17:50:25+09:00

In winter, it depends on which property you are staying at, but for most of our properties, there is a bus stop for the free ski shuttles in walking distance to get to ski resorts, and you also have easy access to the restaurants, bars and cafes (for the details for each property, please check the property page for more information). In addition, we offer pick up and drop off service from and to the train station/bus terminal in Hakuba at check-in/out as well as rides to the supermarkets for grocery shopping during your stay, so it is possible to get around in Hakuba without a car. We are also happy to help you arrange taxis but since Hakuba does not have abundant taxis, we recommend you to give us at least 24 hours notice.

However in summer, since there are no shuttles, we strongly recommend you to have a car for your stay.

If you want more flexibility in getting around in winter, a car rental is also recommended and we are happy to arrange one for you at the property.

For more details, please check this page.

Can I stay at the property with my pet?2023-12-05T21:20:18+09:00

We have some pet friendly properties; Kenman House, Bond Chalet (limited to green season), Hanna’s House, Ricky House and Konayuki Cabin. Please have a look at the details of each property on the property pages.

Can I enjoy BBQ at the property?2023-09-14T20:14:24+09:00

It is only available furing the green season (April 1st – Nov 30th), but most of our properties have a garden set and a barbeque grill set at the property (please check the facility list on the property pages). If you just need the BBQ grill, by cleaning it to its original state after use, you are free to use the BBQ grill set at the property. There are add-on options including cleaning, charcoal, a net, and etc, so please add the options at your booking, of book them from here.

Can I enjoy fire works at the property?2023-09-14T21:02:57+09:00

You can enjoy hand held fire works that does not make big noises on the premises of the property. Please refrain from doing fire works on grass, and make sure to have a bucket with water ready for safety reasons.
※Enjoying fire works after 9pm and also doing fire works that make big noises like the rocket fire works is prohibited by regulations of the Hakuba village and the agreements with the neighbours of our properties.

Are there any supermarkets and convenience stores nearby?2023-12-15T14:47:27+09:00

The 3 major supermarkets in Hakuba are…

  • The Big supermarket 9:00-22:00
  • A-Coop supermarket 9:30-19:30 (Sun 9:00-19:30)
  • Delicia supermarket 9:00-21:00

There is also a hardware store…

  • Komeri 9:00-19:30

They are all in 5-15 minutes drive away from our properties.

Black Bear Properties offers complementary pick-up and drop-off service to get to the supermarkets for guests without a car.

– Please note that this service will be offered on availability of our staff/cars on the day. Please inquire.
* Please understand that this service will only be available when our staff and cars are available from our other check-in/out and cleaning work. Please be flexible.
– We can stay with you for max. 1 hour. If you need more time, we will drop you off, and please call us when you need pick-up.

Also there are many convenience stores…

From properties in Echoland/Misorano area,
・Yamazaki Shop Hakuba Jaja store
・Seven Eleven Hakuba Misorano store
from properties in Wadano/Donguri area,
・Lawson Hakuba Happo store
from properties in Meitetsu/Goryu/Sanosaka area,
・Seven Eleven Hakuba Kamishiro store
・Lawson Hakuba Kamishiro store
are recommended.

Are meals provided at the property?2023-12-10T21:42:33+09:00

We do not provide any meals at the property. Please purchase your own food (for guests without cars, please use our complementary pick-up and drop-off service to get to the supermarkets – we call this supermarket run) . All kitchen utensils, plates, glasses and cutleries are provided. The kitchen at our properties are fully equipped for you to enjoy cooking with your family and friends.

We are also happy to arrange restaurant reservations or private chefs to cook at the property. Please inquire, but we will need at least 24 hours notice.
For dinner bookings at one of our restaurants, “Henry’s Restaurant”, we offer complementary drop-off and pick-up service to our guests.

Can you pre-send luggage to the property? And can you send luggage from the property?2023-09-14T21:01:44+09:00

Yes, please send them to our office, and not the property. For details please refer to this page.
Also, you can send your luggage from the property either by using the Yamato Transport’s pickup service or by taking them to the Yamato Transport’s office in Hakuba. If you do not have a car, we can offer you a ride to the office, so please book 24 hours in advance. We cannot send your luggage on your behalf to your next location.

What do you do when you need help with lost belongings?2023-09-14T21:02:06+09:00

Please go to the Police station for lost and found. Black Bear Properties staff are here to help you, so please let us know when you need help.

Where do you go if you are injured or sick?2023-09-14T21:00:37+09:00

Black Bear Properties staff are always here to help you. Please let us know when you need help.


  • Shintani clinic
  • Kurita clinic
  • Yokozawa clinic
  • Municipal Omachi General Hospital
  • American Drug
  • Matsumoto Kiyoshi
  • Takeda Dental Clinic
  • Oda Dental Clinic
Any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

TEL: +81 0261-85-0850

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